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The future of Bitcoin mining started November 28th.

Listen to industry experts discuss the challenges of centralization in Bitcoin and mining and new innovation in the space

Jack Dorsey
Luke Dashjr
Giacomo Zucco
Bob Burnett
Schedule EST


Opening Remarks
Mark Artymko, OCEAN
10:40a Is Bitcoin on a Path to Centralization?
Giacomo Zucco
11:10a Energy Sovereignty
Bob Burnett, Barefoot Mining
11:40a Hyper Decentralization, Open Source, and Home Mining
Moderator: Bitcoin Mechanic
Panelists: Thomas Templeton (Block), Skot9000 (BitAxe), Zach Bomsta (Unbound Networks), John Stefanopolous (FutureBit)
1:00p History & overview of Hydroelectric Power Plant
Bob Burnett, Barefoot Mining
1:45p The Future of Pools
Bitcoin Mechanic
2:15p Special Announcement from Luke Dashjr
2:30p Panel discussion with Luke Dashjr & Jack Dorsey
2:45p Closing remarks
Ian Northon, OCEAN