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Data-Free Node Policy

April 17, 2024

The data-free template's node policy settings are in bold below, including an indication of whether they are the Knots default (prefixed with 'default') or differ from the default (prefixed with 'OCEAN').

Where these settings differ from the defaults, the default is also shown for reference.

Bitcoin Knots v26.1 (20240325)


-acceptnonstdtxn (default: 0)

Relay and mine "non-standard" transactions (default: 0 or testnet: 1)


-bytespersigop (default: 20)

Equivalent bytes per sigop in transactions for relay and mining


-bytespersigopstrict (default: 20)

Minimum bytes per sigop in transactions we relay and mine


-datacarrier (default: 1)

Relay and mine data carrier transactions


-datacarriercost (default: 1)

Treat extra data in transactions as at least N vbytes per actual byte


-datacarriersize (default: 42, OCEAN: 0)

Maximum size of data in data carrier transactions we relay and mine


-maxscriptsize (default: 1650)

Maximum size of scripts we relay and mine


-mempoolfullrbf (default: 1)

Accept transaction replace-by-fee without requiring replaceability signaling


-mempoolreplacement (default: fee,optin, OCEAN: fee,-optin)

Set to 0 to disable RBF entirely, "fee,optin" to honour RBF opt-out signal, or "fee,-optin" to always RBF aka full RBF


-minrelaytxfee=<amt> (default: 0.00001)

Fees (in BTC/kvB) smaller than this are considered zero fee for relaying, mining and transaction creation


-permitbaremultisig (default: 0)

Relay non-P2SH multisig


-spkreuse (default: allow)

Accept transactions reusing addresses or other pubkey scripts


-blockmaxsize=<n> (default: 300000, OCEAN: 3985000)

Set maximum block size in bytes


-blockmaxweight=<n> (default: 1500000, OCEAN: 3985000)

Set maximum BIP141 block weight


(Note: Settings for blockmaxsize and blockmaxweight reserve a small amount of template space for our potentially large coinbase payout transactions.)


-blockmintxfee=<amt> (default: 0.00001)

Set lowest fee rate (in BTC/kvB) for transactions to be included in block creation


-blockprioritysize=<n> (default: 100000, OCEAN: 0)

Set maximum size of high-priority/low-fee transactions in bytes