HASHRATE: 1.24 Eh/s LAST BLOCK: 851687 (57H AGO)

1.24 Eh/s • BLOCK: 57H AGO

Get started mining OCEAN

November 28, 2023
Start mining in minutes
Enter mine.ocean.xyz:3334 into your ASIC interface:

You may need to input something slightly different, depending on your miner. Some examples are:

  • The full URL:
    • stratum+tcp://mine.ocean.xyz:3334
  • The hostname and port separately:
    • Hostname: mine.ocean.xyz
    • Port: 3334
  • You may need to refer to the documentation for your mining hardware.

Advanced topic: alternate block templates.

Enter your Bitcoin address as your username, and "x" for the password.
  • Supported address types:
    • P2PKH (Original address type. Begins with “1”)
    • P2SH (Multisignature or P2SH-Segwit. Begins with “3”)
    • Bech32 (Segwit. Begins with “bc”.)
    • Bech32m (Taproot. Begins with “bc”. Longer than Bech32.)
  • Your Bitcoin address must be exact.
    • Hand typing of addresses is generally not recommended.
    • The pool itself does not validate if your username is a valid bitcoin address. It will not reject your connection if it is invalid.
    • If your username is not a valid Bitcoin address, you will not generate any earnings and will not be able to view statistics for your miner. Any shares submitted with an invalid username are lost.
    • Always double check your stats page to ensure everything is working correctly!
  • You may append a short custom workername to the address by using a period (.) between the address and worker name. This can help track your miners or groups of miners more precisely on our dashboard.
    • Example: myaddress.myworkername
    • If no worker name is given, “default” is used.
    • Multiple miners/connections can be made for the same username/workername and they are simply aggregated.
  • Some miners may have length limits on usernames. Always check our dashboard to confirm your miner is functioning with the pool after set up.
  • Passwords can be anything and are ignored, but keeping it short (ex: “x”, without quotes) is recommended.
Receive bitcoin
  • Check your miner's stats page on our dashboard to confirm everything is set up correctly. It can take a few minutes after your first accepted proof of work submission for stats to be available.
  • Lightning payouts are available. Once your wallet address is configured, follow the Lightning payout steps here.

Welcome to OCEAN!