HASHRATE: 1.34 Eh/s LAST BLOCK: 844208 (6H AGO)

1.34 Eh/s • BLOCK: 6H AGO

Alternate Templates

December 20, 2023

In service to our mission of decentralizing Bitcoin mining, OCEAN offers our miners a choice between three block template policies. To select a policy, enter one of the following addresses in your miner (detailed setup instructions here). The OCEAN Recommended policy is the default. Each option has its own block construction policies. Those policies are linked below. View visualizations of all three block templates here.

  • OCEAN Recommended (default, 0% fee)
    • mine.ocean.xyz:3334 or default.mine.ocean.xyz:3101
    • Includes only transactions and reasonably small data.
  • Core+Antispam (0% fee)
    • ordis.mine.ocean.xyz:3303
    • Includes transactions and limited spam.
  • Core (2% fee)
    • core.mine.ocean.xyz:3202
    • Includes transactions and most spam.
  • Data-Free (0% fee)
    • datafree.mine.ocean.xyz:3404
    • Includes only transactions without arbitrary data.

These are not separate pools! Whenever a miner using OCEAN finds a block, all of OCEAN's miners receive their share of the block earnings, even those mining a different template. This is a major step toward fully decentralized mining: OCEAN returns control to you, allowing you the option to mine the transactions you want without losing the benefits of pooled mining.